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Welcome to I hope you enjoy the new THM brand and new website developed by my good friends at Muse Marketing Group. Tim Hawkes Music provides me with a platform to tell you about the projects that I am working on as well as a place to share projects from the past. I look forward to reconnecting with friends and followers in the music industry both here and on my social platforms.

My brand journey began in the spring of 2023. As we were heading into the studio to record a new album I really felt that I needed a new “grown up” look for the Tim Hawkes Music brand, so I called my old friend Mark Tharme. He had designed the debut album for The Underground. I enjoyed working with him then and really enjoyed my brand journey with the team at Muse Marketing Group.

Working with Muse has proven to be an exciting and reinvigorating experience. They listened to my story and delivered a brand that really connected with me. They also encouraged me to have new photos taken by the uber-talented Marta Hewson. Both she and her partner Jerrold really gave me the rock star treatment. They have a unique way of putting you at ease and I think that shows from the great shots that they captured. You can view a selection of them here in the Gallery.

THM is not just about me and my music. It covers multiple bands, projects, and collaborations. It’s a place to stay in touch with a number of bands, artists and music projects, including Morrison Hawkes, The Underground, and my solo work. Think of THM as a collective, where collaboration and evolution are the natural state of affairs.

From a practical standpoint, I want to make it easy for people to show their support to be able to purchase my music and learn about upcoming shows. It starts with me doing a decent job of letting you know what I’m up to and where I’m playing.

I love making music, performing it, listening to it, and working with other musicians to make it. And I always want to support others in pursuing their craft.

So please, while you’re here why not bookmark this site and subscribe to receive my occasional updates in your inbox? And if you know someone else who might like to keep up with all things THM, send them a link to the site and tell ‘em to join us here. I promise to make it a journey worth taking… together.